A Day of Patient Screening

We spent today screening patients for surgery. All the patients have had leprosy treated with multidrug regimens and are not acutely infectious but have ongoing neural symptoms with both muscle and protective sensation loss. These stem from ongoing reactive inflammation associated with residual bacteria in the nerves after successful medical treatment

If left untreated, they go on to deformity and auto amputation. The American Society for Peripheral  Nerve Surgery along with the American Society for Surgery of the Hand have teamed together with the Damien Foundation to offer these patients timely surgery to stop or reverse the devastating deformities and amputations associated  the worsening neuropathies.





On the road To Guayaquil



Starting upper left Dr Marilyn Ray driver to Boston.

upper right: Dr Wilton supervising equipment checking at Logan.

Middle left Dr Wilton talking with osteopathy students including his daughter Shannon.

Middle right: our black belt protector Harry Charashe

Lower middle left: Rostro de Christo group from Merrimack College helping at Damien House in Guayaquil

lower middle left: Valley Regional Hospital Alumni including Jen Martin

Bottom:our Translator David Gutierez

First blog post

First blog post

Packing for trip Getting all excited. Will be doing decompression nerve surgery in patients who have been cured of leprosy.

Have been partially funded by the American Society for Surgery of the Hand and they have suggested a blog to share our experience with the friends and the general public.

Dr Jim Wilton has examined and selected patients who will benefit from selective nerve releases.  I will be doing upper extremity surgery including carpal tunnel releases, ulnar nerve releases at elbow and wrist as well as radial tunnel releases.

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