Touring and Final Patient Goodbye

We toured city yesterday and then returned to the Damien House for a final visit with our patients for a Goodbye Party with testimonials and gift giving. The patients’ families were present and added to the love. The event was both joyous and bittersweet as it was the last time we’ll see these very happy and gracious people for at least 2 years. There were songs and speeches and presents that the Hansen’s patients made for us. It was a non-clinical event and they were there as friends as well as patients. We had dinner and saw some more clinic workers as patients and left for a night flight home, very weary but grateful for such an opportunity as we received there. It is what it is all about.
Thank you to the American Society for Surgery of the Hand for their support!

No pictures for this party because of HIPPA compliance. All the patients were smiling and happy and the pictures were great but not appropriate for publication. We have been so lucky to be able to be here.

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