Second to Last Day: Lectures, Shopping and Goodbye Dinner at Damien House

The day is only half over. Have a an enjoyable evening ahead at Damien House for a goodbye dinner with our patients and the staff at Damien House. Sister Annie who is in charge of the care of the Hansen’s patients has orchestrated the event.
The patients are staying at the foundation until they are healed postop.
We had 25 rather than 41 patients because the rains washout some mountainous roads. We are making daily postop rounds on the patients and doing some screening of the staff for various orthopaedic issues.

The Plastic Surgery Department has been dramatically helpful in facilitating patient care, particularly in the OR. We gave talks this AM to the residents and were presented with certificates of appreciation by the Hospital .
The Department has requested that wee return and continue the exchange of ideas and continue the teaching and patient care. We are exploring a return visit in 2 years for the Hansen patients and perhaps next year for a visiting teaching week.

This has been a particularly productive visit with the Hansen’s patients profoundly appreciative. The faculty and residents were most welcoming and a true delight to get to know and work with.

The spiritual component has been overwhelmingly gratifying. Following in Paul Brand’s foot steps in even such a small way has been one of the most profoundly moving experiences of our lives. I came across this in my reading yesterday.
“Oh, Son of Man!
Deny not My servant should he ask anything from thee, for his face is My face; be then abashed before Me.” Baha’u’llah
Doing this for even such short moment has made us feel as if we have been doing what we are meant to doing on this plain.

Some of the groups we have been working with have been the Junta de Benevolencia od Guayaquil, a large charity that runs schools, hospitals and nursing homes including Luis Vernaza Hospital and its Plastic Surgery Department where we did our surgeries, the Daimien Foundation which focuses on the long term care of patients with Hansen’s disease, the American Association of Periferal Nerve Surgeons, whose Dr Jim Wilton has organized this effort and invited some outstanding foot and ankle surgeons, as well as the American Society for Surgery of the Hand which is sponsoring this project with manpower and funding.

Will report back on tonight’s festivities .

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